Zulu Company USA

Zulu Company USA is a manufacturer of rifles (including the M110), handguns, and weapon components/accessories. Since early 2023, this veteran-owned small business conducts all of their own R&D and production efforts under one roof.

Zulu Company is dedicated to produce the best rifle and components in the marketplace. The Zulu Company USA brand demonstrates status, reliability and consistency – giving us the confidence to claim that our brand symbolizes the highest quality, held to the tightest allowable tolerances.

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Roman & Lina Barber

Roman and Lina started Zulu Company USA in 2023. Call it a cosmic event, but both had that magic lightbulb together one night sitting around after Roman started talking about some things he didn't like about his newly purchased AR. Together they built Zulu Company off hard work, dedication, and the support of fans and family.

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